Erygis Explorers: Zodiac Empires

An Explosive Beginning

Strangers Unite

At a meeting of starcalled in Vasalian, the party formed following a terrorist attack. During what seemed to be a meeting organized by Legion, two terrorists threw open the doors to the meeting; screamed "Down with the gods" and let loose with a volley from vaedric pistols and a fireball spell. The meeting hall was thrown into chaos as the survivors reacted to a burning building; dead and dying on the floor and the sounds of hammering on the other side of the entrance door. The elven fighter Asalarian rushed the door but found it barred and was unable to break it down, while the fire danced in the room behind her. The ranger inuzen, rushed to the aid of one of the victims and dragged the body towards the rear exit, while her calls for assistance went unanswered. One of the rogue noirs attempted to drive another survivor out the rear entrance, while the remaining noir rogue and noir cleric rushed out to intercept the attackers. Luckily, all that survived the initial attack made it to safety outside the burning meeting hall. The rogue and cleric did encounter the attackers at the side of the building, but were dropped by another volley from the vaedric pistols and some magic missiles. The remaining rogue and the organizer of the Legion meeting attacked the terrorists, his lightning bolt seemed to soften the attackers, while her arrow found a home and dropped the caster. The pistolero managed to flee, but his comrade was dispatched by the rogue, Agnees.

Forged by fire, the party went to a tavern to discuss the events and to consider their futures. While at an eclectic tavern which seems to be decorated with furniture and interiors taken from other locales, they found a letter hidden in a seat. The letter was from someone being held prisoner by a zi'Chang on an island in his hold. The party didn't know how long the letter had been there nor who zi' Chang was.

The next day the party realized they had at least three options: they could meet the Legion organizer and travel to their headquarters and be trained; they could try to learn more about this group that attacked them or they learned, they could travel to the hold of one of the most powerful Sky Dragon clans and seek out the writer of the letter signed with the symbol of a tree.


The party determines that travel via airship to Washu and on to zi’Chang’s hold would be 1800 sp per person for poor passage 4500 sp per person for common passage.

An Explosive Beginning

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