Erygis Explorers: Zodiac Empires

Did You Lose This?

The Party Searches for Antrellus the Mad to Ask About the Ring

After learning about the ring and Antrellus the Mad, the party headed south of town to search for him.

They found a lean-to connected via a rope bridge over a chasm to a treehouse.

Lavendar and Agnees approached the lean-to and triggered a pit trap. Lavender fell to the floor of the pit while Agnees managed to leap back just in the nick of time. The party quickly dropped a rope to Lavendar, but not before a centipede emerged and attacked her. The centipede was quickly dispatched and Frankie went down to retrieve the unconscious Lavender. 

When she arrived at the bottom of the pit, Frankie was attacked by a second centipede and made unconscious. 

While Agnees and Ana prepared to retrieve their friends a voice called out from the tree house telling them to go away and that they couldn't trick him.

Ana attempted to talk with the tree house resident and things seemed to be going well until she triggered a trap while crossing the rope bridge. The axe on a rope struck her a blow and knocked her from the bridge into the chasm leaving her unconscious and Agnees to negotiate with what turned out to be aptly named Antrellus the Mad.

After some negotiation and conversation Antrellus the Mad asked her why she left her friends strewn unconscious outside and Agnees agreed they should retrieve them. With Antrellus's help, Agnees brought her unconscious friends into the tree house. There after a short rest they revived to see the mad, criss-crossed room with notes and string connecting thoughts and imagined conspiracies.

They had little time to consider the view before Antrellus clutched at his head and a creature of nightmares erupted from him. the tentacled squirming thing seemed to have absorbed Antrellus's brain and kept it in a translucent pocket upon its back. The party managed to defeat it though its arrival marked the end of Antrellus.

The party collected Antrellus's notes and learned of a way to lay the raven, Eronel, to rest. The party performed the ceremony and the raven haunt was no more. The next day a new raven arrived at the window of the little girl, Liriea. This raven had a single white feather in its tail and she named it Eronel, believing her beloved pet had returned.

The party now must consider its next steps with a new wrinkle, the Whisper Cult, added.

Should the party explore the ramblings of the mad man? Should they resume their search for the missing meeting leader? Head west to consult Legion? Search for the writer of the note being held by the air pirate? Or maybe something different all together?



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