Erygis Explorers: Zodiac Empires

Opportunity Taps

Leandris was a no show. The party is suspicious that perhaps he was part of the attack or that something dire may have happened to him as he didn't show at the appointed time. While waiting and debating what to do, the party befriended an Ilderan star-called named Jim. Jim attempted to brainstorm with the party on what their next action could/should be. Then went back to the Golden Flotsam to consider their options and wait for Frankie's contacts to return with any information on Leandris. 

The contacts reported that Leandris arrived in Vasalian two weeks ago and that he had been staying in a boarding house down in the dock wards. As this word came rather late, they resolved to go inquire in the morning. 

A little bit later some of the party thought they heard some strange tapping. Upon inspection, Lavendar located a window beyond which was an ethereal raven, which withdrew as she opened the window and attempted to summon it. When others joined her at the window a few noted a strange looking man slinking off down the hallway. But the party was intrigued by the incorporeal bird and followed it on a bit of a chase until it led them to an overgrown area, which featured a fountain and war memorial. There the raven disappeared.

Evening then caught sight of a young girl dressed all in white; walking with her head bowed and white flowers in her hand. At first glimpse the girl seemed ghost-like, but a closer inspection revealed simply a grieving girl named Lereia. She was mourning the loss of her raven, Eronel.

While the party spoke with the girl a three blood ravens manifested from the fountain and attacked. The girl fell quickly and the birds moved to assault the party. Lavender fell before the birds onslaught and then the ghost of Eronel joined in the fight on the side of the party.

The party dispatched the phantasms, administered to the fallen; and searched the fountain. Upon closer inspection they noted that the grate wasn't draining the fountain properly. Underneath the grate they found a sack containing the remains of a bird and signet ring. 

The party took the girl back to her parents house to see if they recognized the signet ring. They did not. But luckily visits to a number of jewelers turned up one that recognized the ring and could identify the owner, Antrellus the Mad. Further investigation led the party to believe that Antrellus could be found outside the city in the forest living in a cabin.



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